Human Resources

We believe that the sustainability of our growth depends on the capability and loyalty of our employees. We recruit our employees by posting job openings in industry magazines and newspapers, as well as on the website of the Labour Department. To maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace, we will continue to focus on attracting and retaining qualified employees by offering advanced managerial training courses.

We provide extensive training programmes to our employees to enhance their skill sets and knowledge with respect to workplace safety and service quality, including induction training for all new recruits and on-site training on a day-to-day basis. In the event of any workplace injury or traffic accident, we provide supplementary briefing on our safety policies and procedures to our operations staff and third-party workers. We also encourage our staff to attend further safety training courses from time to time. For example, several of our managerial staff have attended training courses and obtained the Certificate for Safety for Cleaning Work (Managers and Supervisors) Course and the Certificate of Competence in Display Screen Equipment Assessment. In addition, a number of our employees have attended safety training courses and obtained the Certificate for Combined Certificate for Safety and Health Supervisor Course (Environmental Hygiene), the Certificate of Competence in Manual Handling and the Certificate for Pest Control & Pesticide Safety Core Courses.